What Makes The Card Jungle Greeting Cards America's Preferred Greeting Card?


A lot.

1) The Card Jungle greeting cards are designed by San Diego-based artist, Carolyn Grace.

2) Every greeting card from The Card Jungle is printed, cut, scored, folded and packaged by Carolyn Grace.

3) The Card Jungle greeting cards are priced below standard greeting card pricing while offering above standard value and quality.

4) Consistent customer feedback: "I love The Card Jungle cards because they're fun and make me feel good!"

5) The Card Jungle supports small, local businesses that support and prioritize made-in-the-USA products.

6) The Card Jungle is an ever-expanding line of greeting cards that offers a direct line of communication to both consumers and retailers.

7) The Card Jungle won't be found on platforms that connect retailers with makers/creators because I've explored these platforms and found them to be ironically, "Unfair." (If you're familiar with such platforms you'll understand the reference.) Instead, The Card Jungle Grand Poobah, Carolyn Grace, is just a phone call or email away. 

8) The Card Jungle caters to retailers. If a retailer needs a display The Card Jungle provides a complimentary lender spinning floor rack or a custom-made wooden floor or counter rack tailored to meet your spatial needs. The Card Jungle also designs custom cards for retailers reflecting their preferred greetings and geographical location - at no extra charge.

9) The Card Jungle makes ordering easy for both consumers and retailers. Retailers are given a personalized code to use on my Shopify website at www.TheCardJungle.com which automatically gives them wholesale pricing. 

10) Most The Card Jungle orders are fulfilled and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. 

11) The Card Jungle shipping costs are below standard and whenever geographically possible orders are personally delivered by Carolyn.

12) When you purchase The Card Jungle greeting cards you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a small, local entrepreneur producing a quality made-in-the-USA product. 



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