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"I Meili Here All Day" Meili Vodka 8 x 10 Print

"I Meili Here All Day" Meili Vodka 8 x 10 Print

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I was inspired to design this 8 x 10 Meili Vodka-themed print after stumbling upon an event during which Jason Mamoa was signing bottles of Vodka here in San Diego, CA -- his vodka, obviously. 

Mamoa's Meili Vodka is made in Bozeman, Montana and while I'm not a big drinker I do like an occasional vodka and orange juice or vodka and cranberry.

Although I didn't get an opportunity to have my bottle signed by Mamoa (I arrived too late) I bought one anyway. I'm saving it though in the hopes that someday...

I absolutely LOVE this vodka!

As a card designer I thought it would be fun to create a Meili-themed greeting card and print. So, I did.  Here's the print. The greeting card is also included here in this custom category.

Meili Vodka is a great gift! And, if you're planning on gifting it this print, or greeting card is a great addition.

Original art and design by San Diego-based artist, Carolyn Grace.

All my prints are packaged with a piece of supportive, recycled cardboard to prevent bending and then inserted into a protective cellophane sleeve.

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